A b o u t   B i t s t r a q

  • At Bitstraq we strive towards expanding the crypto community and the tokenization of the world economy. We believe that crypto currencies will be a common way of payment and tokens will be used to buy, sell, trade and transfer all types of assets. While keeping (treasuring) the crypto community core values of privacy, anonymity, and fund storage, we want to build a bridge and work with regulators to expand our community and assets traded over blockchain.

  • Bitstraq intends to accept tokens and coins which do not constitute financial instruments in terms of MiFID II. However, Bitstraq has all technology in place to start dealing in STO’s and the company intends to apply for an additional license to list financial instruments at a second stage.

Drawbacks faced in trading platforms

There are a lot of small exchanges out there that are not built with the future in mind. They often choose a simple solution that requires a minimum amount of work with no ability to expand. This approach may work at present but many of these exchanges will disappear due to market evolution.

T h e   P r o b l e m s

High entry barrier

  • Not every exchange holds all types of cryptocurrencies
  • Complicated, slow account opening and verification process lead to traders to lose trading options.

Lack of due diligence

  • Many small exchanges will add coins or tokens for the sole fact that that people behind the project are able to pay the listing fee and don’t perform any further due diligence. This is how scam coins make it to the major market.

Poor internationalization

  • Many people still have no access to crypto currencies or blockchain technology in general. This is mostly because people don’t have any access to USD or EUR and a lot of local currencies are not tradable to Bitcoin or any other crypto currency.

Mediocre trading platforms

  • A lot of exchanges are not built to the highest level of technology and are cluttered with an unbalanced user interface.

Unsecured and Unregulated

  • Various exchanges work out of unregulated jurisdictions. Because of this they have no accountability towards their customers and leaves the door open for exit scams.

Limited trading tools

  • Existing exchanges do not provide supportive resources and trading tools such as advanced charting and technical analysis tools, machine learning, and auto algorithmic bot trading.

Why Choosing Bitstraq

At Bitstraq we strive towards expanding the crypto community and the tokenization of the world economy. We believe that crypto currencies will be a common way of payment and tokens will be used to buy, sell, trade and transfer all types of assets. While keeping (treasuring) the crypto community core values of privacy, anonymity, and fund storage, we want to build a bridge and work with regulators to expand our community and assets traded over blockchain.

T h e   S o l u t i o n


  • Bitstraq will be a fully regulated exchange from day 1. We work out of the European country of Malta and are licensed for all our operations on a European level.


  • Bitstraq is built with the highest level of security in mind. The protection of our customers assets is our highest priority.

Backend Matching Engine and Auto Trading

  • Bitstraq Exchange is among the fastest exchanges in the world. It is built on a stable and scalable architecture. This with zero trade leakage, throughput of millions of transactions per second, and low latency.
  • The Bitstraq exchange will provide a platform for traders to implement their own auto trading system

A.I and Sentinel Protocol

  • We integrate unsupervised machine learning artificial intelligence and the Sentinel protocol to track down patterns and security breaches that usually go undetected.

Fiat to Crypto

  • Bitstraq strives towards a world where crypto is easily accessible to everyone. We intend to work with local governments to solve this problem and expand the crypto community into new fiat markets.

Due Diligence

  • Bitstraq will only list coins and tokens that are fully compliant with Maltese and European law. In addition to this we take pride in choosing who we work with and which projects get listed. This ensures that our costumers always get the cream of the crop.

Bitstraq’s Stronghold

  • Bitstraq aims to be a leading exchange at the forefront of the tokenization of assets. In the near future we aim to become the first European Security Token Exchange (STO). In the case that you may wonder why we don’t use decentralized technology, we believe that building a centralized exchange and being a governed entity will give us more opportunities to build the bridge between crypto and regulators all around the world. All this will benefit our international clients.

  • By employing Artificial Intelligence and the Sentinel protocol we want create a safer environment for our customers to trade in. It will allow us to detect suspicious patterns and “bad players” that usually slip through the security net.

  • Many Bitstraq team members and advisors are active crypto currency miners. Based on our own experiences we see that miners lose a lot of their mined assets due to pool and exchange fees. We intend to integrate a mining pool in the Bitstraq ecosystem that will allow miners to mine at a low rate (mining pool fee) and sell their mined assets without any exchange fees. This will be in an all integrated platform that is fast and easy to use.

  • Cherishing the Legacy of Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitstraq will be the first cryptocurrency and asset exchange that actively cares about social impact, to such an extent that we integrate charity as a part of our core business. Bitstraq customers will be able to decide how to donate funds to carefully selected charities based through blockchain.

I C O   S c h e d u l e

Token sale

  • Token sale
  • OCT 18
Private sale 1

  • Nov 1st to 30th Nov
  • 0.0002 ETH
Private sale 2
  • Dec 1st to 31st Dec
  • 0.00025 ETH
  • Jan 1st to 31st Jan
  • 0.0003 ETH
  • Feb 1st to 28th Feb
  • 0.0003125 ETH
  • Mar 1st to 30th Mar
  • 0.00075 ETH

R o a d m a p

  • Q3 & Q4- 2018

    • Competitive Analysis of other exchanges in our category
    • Publish Whitepaper for people to understand about Bitstraq
    • Bitstraq Exchange - Web Exchange open Beta release
    • Token Sale ICO start OCT 18
    • Launch VFA exchange SEPT 25

  • Q1- 2019

    • Bitstraq Exchange public Alpha release
      • Multiple cryptocurrencies integration
      • Trading Between the Multiple Cryptocurrencies
      • OTP and Liquidity Trading Change Integration
      • Higher level of security and Logic testing and Load testing
      • Launch of Close Beta of Bitstraq Security Token Exchange

  • Q2- 2019

    • Android and iOS Mobile counterparts of our Exchange application launch
    • Integrating fiat currencies for deposit and withdrawals
    • Feedback of functionalities of Bitstraq Exchange and UX Experience
    • Launch miningpool

  • Q3- 2019

    • Exchange allows both public retail exchanges and private exchanges
    • Low latency technology - comfortable quoting larger size trading Bid/sell
    • STO Token integration in the exchange of both technical and regulatory provisioning

  • Q4- 2019

    • Release of Security Token Trading Exchange Alpha

BAQ token details

BAQ is an ERC20 compatible digital utility token based on Ethereum blockchain that is essential to get access to various innovative services and pay the discounted transaction fees in the Bitstraq ecosystem. The total BAQ token supply is 500 million.

T o k e n   D e t a i l s

Payment Methods BTC, ETH, XRP

Token Type ERC20

Token Name BAQ

Token ICO price 1 BAQ ~ 0.0002 ETH

Token for sale 300,000,000

Hard Cap (ETH) 75,000 ETH

Maximum Supply 500,000,000

F u n d   U t i l i z a t i o n



Legal and financial expertise


Advisory and partnerships


Operational cost


Marketing and customer acquisition


Trading platform development, Talent acquisition, Infrastructure development.



O u r   T e a m

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Angelo Jansen

Founder/ CEO

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David Devriesere

SIO (Social Impact Officer)

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Jimmy Butzen

CSO (Chief Security Officer)

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A d v i s o r y

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Tom De Block

Blockchain Solution architect

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Diane Gray-Smith

Financial Advisor

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Nikos Kakaniaris

Business Development Advisor

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Seka Dobric

Investor and Strategic Advisor

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F a q

Bitstraq is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange powered with Artificial Intelligence that will secure the exchange and automate the trading process for the traders.

The cryptocurrency exchanges are prone to hacking and it is vulnerable to various issues such as investor and customer protection, extreme volatility, security issues, low liquidity, high transaction fees and much more.

Bitstraq exchange along with AI with powered with machine learning will overcome the above-posed issues with increased liquidity for the traders with concepts such as mining pool and transaction fee mining, security with the multi-signature feature, backend order matching engine for automated trading and an array of trading tools like auto trading and auto chart pattern. .

Unlike other centralized exchanges, Bitstraq exchange uses Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning that extensively uses Sentinel Protocol that secures the exchange against a wide range of security features such as anti-theft, hacking report, unknown actors in exchange and much more.

Bitstraq has set its bar to transition towards Security Token Exchange for the trading of Equity Tokens and Security Tokens.

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